Monday, June 26, 2017

Java Game: Console Based Choice Game for Beginner

As a CSE, we had to do a homework of making a console based text game. So I made this game.

You need to learn Java if-else and loops to make this game. Here are some tutorials for that

If - else statement:


Game Description:

You are a person that has taken up an adventure beset with monsters. There are 4 types of monsters here: Skeleton, Zombie, Assassin and Warrior. At each turn you'll face a monster. When facing them , you can attack (you'll receive damage as retribution), you can run away from that monster or you can drink potion. If your health reaches below 1 (from 100) , the game is over. After defeating each monster, you may get a bonus health potion. Finally you have the choice to continue further into the adventure or leave (quit ) the game.

Project Link

Code Explanation:


At first, we initialize the necessary variables, a string array (enemies) naming the enemies, enemyAttackDamage( the damage enemies causes the player), maxEnemyHealth( maximum health the enemy can have initially). For the player we have, health(initial health), attackDamage(the damage the player causes to the enemy), numHealthPotion (number of health potions to use), healthPotionAmount( how much a potion can recover the health) , healthPotionDropChance( used to determine the probability whether the player will get an extra potion after defeating an enemy. More on this later)

Main Loop:

1. We choose the enemy health randomly by using maxEnemyHealth
2. Similarly, we choose an enemy from the 'enemies' array randomly

Now the gaming loop begins and it'll continue until either the player or the enemy is defeated. After printing out the health status, the game offers 3 choices for the player to choose: 
2.Drink Potion

After taking the player's input from the console, if the player chooses option 1 we calculate damageDealt(the damage the player did to the enemy) by randomly picking a number by using attackDamage .Similarly, damageTaken is calculated from enemyAttackDamage. damageDealt is subtracted from enemyHealth and damageTaken is subtracted from health. 

Now if health is less than 1, the game is over and the gaming loop will break.

If option 2 is chosen, we check whether there is any potion left. If there is, we check whether the health is 100 in which case no potion is taken. Otherwise, healthPotionAmount is added to health while numHealthPotion is decremented. If there were no potion left, output the message to the console.

If we choose to run away(option 3), we just jump to the GAME label before the while(running) line to start with a new enemy through the 'continue GAME;' statement.

After Defeating an Enemy:

After the enemy health is less than 1, the gaming loop stops. Now the probability for getting a new potion is calculated. We choose a random number within 100 and if it is less than healthPotionDropChance , the player gets a new potion. if healthPotionDropChance's value is decreased , the probability for getting a new potion is also decreased.

The player is presented with 2 options, he/she can continue or quit. We take input from console and if the player decides to quit, we just break from the main loop.


This is a great practice to learn if-else and loops. :)

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