Saturday, June 17, 2017

Beginner's Guide: Best Programming Languages

As a student who is studying C.S(Computer Science), he/she wants to optimize the usage of his/her time learning the most useful/popular programming languages. I will share my advice in this regard.

C and C++

When you first begin programming, it is recommended to learn how logic works behind coding to solve problems and such. C and C++ are the first 2 languages to learn to build a strong basis of logic and coding. While C is needed to practice the skill of logical thinking at the most basic level, C++ gives you the basic idea of Object Oriented Programming (OOP). In many other high-level languages you have inbuilt functions for many activities but in C you may have to build it yourself. Though this may irritate you sometimes, you will also build a strong knowledge about the logic behind the functions. I have written a separate blog post about the importance of learning C++.


After learning C and C++, you have the knowledge about logic and OOP. As a result learning Java won't be too difficult. Using Java you'll find it easier to write solutions to algorithmic problems since you have a basic grasp of logic learning C and also you can make beautiful and useful projects for your college/university with the OOP knowledge of C++. Java gives you the opportunity to learn the basics of building various programming projects involving database, GUI etc.


Currently, python is a widely used, especially in machine learning and data analytics. It's an easy-to-handle high-level language with the benefits of OOP. Many things which were hard to do in C, C++ and Java have become easier with the emergence of Python. You can also use Django to build projects with more comfort than PHP. As a result, Django is slowly taking over PHP regarding the development of backends of website building.
Here is a link to learn more about python's usefulness: Why Learn Python


These are the 2 languages that form the basis of making the front end of many projects as well as creating beautiful websites. The other ones mentioned above don't really provide such comfortable tools as these 2 to design GUI, interface , user-control etc. for your projects. While HTML builds the backbone / basic structure of the interface, CSS beautifies it.


JavaScript is very easy to learn. No setup is required. JavaScript is used in web browser (Angular, React) and server-side (Node). JavaScript dominates in web development because it’s the native language of the web browser. Node is super popular. There are over 30,000 NPM packages available! There are lots of high-paying jobs for JavaScript developers. There are lots and lots of JavaScript job postings. And all of them are related to front-end web development or Node. JavaScript is an incredibly expressive and powerful language.

If you complete learning these languages, you don't need to worry about building a career in CS. Even if you have to learn new languages, the knowledge you have earned won't cause much difficulty.

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