Monday, May 29, 2017

Hackerrank Review From A Programmer's Experience

Review: Hackerrank

A great site for beginners learning important programming languages and algorithms.  If one signs up and goes to the dashboard page, he/she finds 2 sections - the tracks and the competitions.

The tracks help programmers learn individual programming skills. Each track has its own ranking list to compare oneself to other members. It also contains sub domains which refers to particular sections of a programming skill. These sub domains have their own set of problems. If one keeps solving these problems, the basics of that skill becomes clear since the member here is solving problems and learning a bit of theory as well. The design of these problems is such that the problem acts as an aide to learning the theoretical background. 

In the problem section , the problems are arranged based on their difficulty. There are 4 main difficulties:

  1. Easy
  2. Medium
  3. Hard
  4. Expert 
So the members can choose whatever they find challenging according to their skill level. The beginners are recommended to start from the 'easy' problems and gradually work themselves up to tackle the 'medium', 'hard' and 'expert' problems.

In each problem there's the following panel:

The discussions is a place for open discussion about the problem. The editorial discusses the actual solution. It is accessible after correct submission has been given. 

This is all for today. See you guys later :) 

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